Borough of Baden
149 State Street
Baden, PA 15005

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Municipal Authority5 Year Term5 Member Board2nd Monday - 5 pm
David Trzcianka503 Virginia Avenue724-869-1525Term Exp 1st Mon. 2020
Patrick Mcfarland298 Washington Street724-869-2521Term Exp. 1st Mon. 202
Kevin Blanarik439 Burkhardt Street.724-869-7021Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2017
Chris Villella 937 Lincoln Ave.724-869-0299Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2018
Michael Stuban503 Virginia Avenue724-869-1905Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2019
Zoning Hearing Board3 Year Term3 Member Board3rd Monday, as needed - 7 pm
Muffy Cappabianco525 Jones Ave.724-869-5590Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2017
Heather Blanarik 434 Bryan Ave.724-869-7595Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2019
John A. Dodaro539 Moore Ave.724-869-3628Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2018
Karl Shaginaw910 Fourth St.724-242-0724Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2018
Civil Service Commission6 Year Term Member BoardLast Tuesday, as needed
Justine Woytovich 351 Wayne Street724-889-2525Term Exp. 12/31/17
Lesabeth Trzcianka503 Virginia Ave.724-869-1525Term Exp. 12/31/19
Tim Buck201 Wayne Street724-869-4364Term Exp. 12/31/21
Planning Board5 Year Term5 Member Board2nd Wednesday as needed - 6:30 pm
Joe Kostial1097 Franklin Ave.724-869-4262Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2017
Ted kotula45 State Street724-759-0105Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2021
Dave Kolar203 Berry Street724-869-3169Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2018
Justine Woytovich351 Wayne Street724-869-2525Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2019
Donna Michaels 604 Dettmar Ave.724-869-9039Term Exp. 1st Mon. 202
Library Board5 Year Term6 Member Board2nd Tuesday - 7 pm
Rebecca Biers3701 Watson St.412-758-5449Term Exp. 01/01/20
Lesabeth Trzcianka503 Virginia Ave.724-869-1525Term Exp. 01/01/20
Donna Napoleon 356 Prospect St.724-869-7481Term Exp. 01/01/21
Stella Vogel375 Johnson Ave.724-318-4400Term Exp. 01/01/21
Pam Wilhelm-Seanez318 Wayne St.724-869-4228Term Exp. 01/01/19
Justin Hostutler298 Washington St.724-622-9040Term Exp. 01/01/19
Vacancy Board 2 Year Term1 Member and All of CouncilAs Needed
Dave Kolar203 Berry Street724-869-3169Term Exp. 1st mon. 2018
Educations Service Agency3 Year Term3 Member BoardAs Needed
Regina Larue52 AWT724-869-1904Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2017
Sue Ramsey234 AWT724-869-0172Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2018
Suzie FurrPO Box 102724-570-4168Term Exp. 1st Mon. 2018
Baden Parks & Recreation5 Year Term9 Member Board4th Monday - 6:30 pm
Donna Michaels604 Dettmar Ave.724-869-9039Term Exp. 12/31/21
Harold Stanton920 Sixth Street724-869-2777Term Exp. 12/31/21
Suzie FurrPO Box 102724-570-4168Term Exp. 12/31/20
Lesabeth Trzcianka503 Virginia Ave.724-869-1525Term Exp. 12/31/17
Gary Ford351 Prospect Street724-462-3442Term Exp. 12/31/17
Bob Weber274 State Street724-869-2305Term Exp. 12/31/19
John Shelkons785 Athalia Street724-513-5994Term Exp. 12/31/19
VacantTerm Exp. 12/31/18
VacantTerm Exp. 12/31/18
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